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Henry’s Seafood: The Retailer’s and Restaurant’s Choice

Henry’s Seafood distributes seafood worldwide to wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants. Henry’s has massive buying power, allowing us to sell quality products at low prices. Henry’s Seafood purchases millions of pounds of seafood annually and carries a multimillion dollar inventory for quick customer response.

Our expert staff

Going above and beyond our customers’ expectations is standard at Henry’s Seafood. Henry’s staff includes sales specialists who are experts in seafood, retail operations, restaurant operations, marketing, and advertising, and a corporate chef. Customers of Henry’s Seafood have access to these valuable resources to increase their competitive edge. Contact us to speak one on one with an expert and learn more about how Henry’s can deliver for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our mission statement

Henry’s Seafood will distribute fresh and frozen food items, specializing in seafood. Henry’s Seafood provides expert product knowledge and distribution in a niche market. We will deliver unparalleled customer service, emphasizing flexibility and meeting our targeted customers’ needs.

For quality products and unbeatable customer service, call us today!